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Why should I install an energy fireplace?

The energy fireplace is an economical and ecological way of heating that frees you from the extremely expensive and unfriendly burning of oil. The efficiency of the energy fireplace compared to the classic fireplace is much higher (60-85% compared to 10-25% of the classic one), while its use is also much more economical, since it requires about six kilograms of wood per hour, when traditional fireplaces need 20!

For the correct operation of the energy fireplace:

Remember that your stove is a device that needs attention and proper use.
Do not burn small scraps of wood, flooring, chipboard, boards, and twigs as your primary fuel. These materials are for kindling only. Use logs and even dry and hard ones
In an energy stove, you close the flap when the wood you have placed inside the stove has lit up for good and has begun to char. Otherwise, intense browning may occur on the glass of the hob. Also, always make sure to open the flap before opening the stove door, otherwise smoke will come out.
The door of the energy fireplace must open 2-3 cm, stay like this for 10-15 seconds and then open slowly. An abrupt opening will cause a sudden influx of air into the combustion chamber, resulting in smoke escaping from the hearth.
Clean the chimney continuously, at least once a year, so that it is not blocked by smoke.
Check the chimney for any bird's nests, which clog the chimney and prevent smoke from escaping completely.

To properly and easily clean the hob glass:

Do not use kitchen wire or sharp objects, as you will scratch the crystal.
Clean the crystal with kitchen paper or newspaper and glass cleaner. If the smoke has burned onto the crystal and does not come off easily, dip a wet paper towel into some ash and rub or scrape it with a special glass scraper. The bronze parts are cleaned with special bronze cleaners.

If the crystal darkens too quickly, check:
The quality of the woods you use. Wood from conifers (pine, fir) or green or wet wood will inevitably give you this problem.
The condition of the laces. Worn cords allow air to enter which creates swirls inside the hearth, resulting in blackening of the crystal and heavy wood consumption. Cords are consumable and should be replaced when worn and definitely every 1-2 years, with frequent use.


For firewood
The types of firewood differ in terms of their calorific value and in terms of their suitability for fireplaces, wood stoves, etc.
Therefore, you should use the most suitable type of wood for your own needs. It is important to take care of the drying and proper storage of the wood.

The time it takes for the wood to dry depends on its species, the season it was cut and how it was stored. The thicker the wood, the longer it takes.
The best time to cut wood is from November to May, because then the wood has a lower water content.